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Sacramento, California 95825
Temporary to direct hire recruitment and staffing for all legal positions.

Job Seekers

Sacramento Placement Services has been the top choice for job seekers for over 20 years.

There is a reason for this – We seek to understand each candidate’s story. We want to ensure that the position we provide for you is a fit beyond the basic job requirements and salary expectations. We want for it to be a suitable career move that fits your lifestyle and long term career goals.

Employment Opportunities include
Attorneys • Paralegals • Secretaries • Administrative Staff • Administrators

SERVICES that we offer to our job seeking clients include:

  • We meet with our prospective job seekers and assess each candidate’s interest, skill sets, and career goals.
  • We understand your specific detailed and candid information about your expectations.
  • We match you to potential employment opportunities in your field of choice.

Partnering with Sacramento Placement Services in your job search adds another facet to a favorable outcome in your quest for employment. SPS is a skilled and dedicated team focused on finding the ideal position for you.